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Oh, hey!

Guess what, we're back!   ...and we're back mobile! 

risotto & co. opened its doors to the public for the first time in June 2019, in Hearst Ontario. We started as a meal prep online ordering company, working from a very tiny kitchen to two grab & go counters.


In 2022, risotto & co. paused their activities for other projects. Missing the clients, the cooking, the lack of healthy eating options, the marketing and all the fun entrepreneurship challenges... we decided to get back in business!


Wait, but how? Sooo... I bought a camper one day and converted it into a food trailer. For those who knows me well, don't tell me you're surprised now right? Ha!

Oh and don't forget to follow us. No but, really. Beep Beep!

With love 

Chantal, xo

Sunset on Motorway

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